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Hi there,

Thank you for your interest in Scotland for Families and a possible collaboration. Our website offers travel information for parents by parents, the parents in question being ourselves, Phil and Sonja. You can find out a little more about us here

Our ethos

We started Scotland for Families to showcase how accessible Scotland is for parents but also to help take some of the anxiety and stress out of family travel with helpful tips, stories, advice and guides.

We aim to always provide honest, relevant and transparent information designed to make Scotland more accessible and achievable for families both with in the UK and from further afield.

The reason we stress Scotland for Families is “for Parents by Parents”  is that we aim to build trust with every visitor through a complete understanding as to what it feels like to travel with a family, especially for the first time.

Our background

Sonja is an experienced travel writer, having created and maintained the global travel website Migrating Miss, which receives over one million page views per year and has active and engaged social media channels.

Phil is a successful Digital Marketer with a specialism in Social Media and Community management. He has worked for an award-winning agency and an award-winning travel company, following his love for all thing digital and all things travel.

Since having our son we’ve both been learning what it is like to travel as a family and we struggled to find a resource that provided all of the information we needed in an informal and knowledgable manner, hence Scotland for Families was born.

The website was started in January 2020 and has been going from strength to strength ever since. 

What we can offer

At this early stage in the websites life we are happy to discuss how best a collaboration may work for both parties so do get in touch and we can take it from there!

Our focus is on showcasing family-specific itineraries, plans, equipment, accommodation, and activities across the whole of Scotland. We are happy to discuss review posts, content creation, social campaigns and highlight suitable 

With Migrating Miss we have worked with numerous partners on many different campaigns. As an example of our previous experience you can see who we’ve had the pleasure of working with previously here.

We are really excited about the journey we’re on and the growth we’ve already seen in Scotland for Families and we’re really looking forward to meeting suppliers across Scotland that are looking to welcome families.