We’re Phil and Sonja,

Welcome to our website – Scotland for Families!

We are Phil and Sonja, a married couple who love to travel.

Since two became three in our little family we’ve continued to travel together, in particular exploring Scotland. We’ve both fallen head over heels in love with this amazing country and all it has to offer, so much so we now live here!

As a parent, you’ll know there are a wealth of things you don’t get told about looking after your little one. Since having our baby boy we’ve added ‘travelling’ to the long list of things we’ve had to learn the hard way when it comes to parenting!

To help with this we put together Scotland for Families – practical advice from parents that have been there, to parents that can’t wait to go.

We understand that travelling as a family of any age can be a challenging prospect and requires a little more planning than those ‘pre-family’ trips, (where did they go!!??). We wanted to create a website that can help others learn from our travel experiences, good and bad!

Despite the added planning, we still love travelling as a unit, trying new things and seeing new sights together, it sounds gushy but you really can’t beat it and Scotland’s the perfect place to have your adventures.

We realised to make a trip a success you just need a little more information before you can get in the car and go. Scotland for Families will help ease some of the stresses and sleepless nights, providing you with the information you need. From tried and tested practices to tips, itineraries and guides we can help make your journey a little easier.

We’ve also started building a community of like-minded parents swapping tips and ideas, successes and failures! You can find us here

We hope you find Scotland for Families helpful, we’ve tried to create the website we wished we’d had when we decided to take Baby B on his first Scottish road trip.

Drop us a line with any thoughts or successful tips you have yourself!

1st tip – don’t try and change a nappy on a windy beach.

Enjoy your trip!

Phil, Sonja and Baby B